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2standintherain's Journal

Stand In The Rain
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The noise of a key entering the apartment’s door slot, jiggling
while turned, broke the peaceful morning for her. Only current
assumption she could make was it was her father. “You better be
making preparations for my pony, perhaps the purchase of a pink
saddle or maybe some riding boots. What? You only have six more
days to come up with this stuff till the anniversary of the day
I graced your life.” All smiles as she went over and greeted
slash examined her father, like every other time he came back
late from a job. With the same utter hope plastered on her face
that nothing was to bruised or damaged.

God, she hated him. She hated everything that he stood for,
everything that he didn’t stand for at all. She hated the way
he would lick his lips before he would say a rude comment.
She hated the way he sometimes would actually open doors for
her in the quad or in the buildings. She hated the fact that
he didn’t look anything like Cassidy and yet Dick was a con-
stant reminder of him. She hated his blue eyes. She hated his
blonde hair that surprisingly looked clean every day. She
hated that he knew how to dance. She hated that even though
he had said all those nasty things to her all through high
school that she couldn’t hate him.

Eyebrows pulling together in hesitance, I did what he said.
Inside the locket lay a picture of him and I on our first
wedding day. I looked so human and insignificant next to him.
Anything but the kind of beautiful I was now, even though I
knew I was the standard human beautiful. Then on the second
side of the locket lay a picture of us on our second wedding
that we’d had only twenty years ago, something that Reneesme
had forced upon us. I still didn’t think I was beautiful,
another human habit that had stuck with me.