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BEHIND THE SIXTH (Characters List Picspam)

“Fate is a misconseption, it's only a cover-up for the fact you don't have control over your own life.”

This is a story about a town (Victoria, Canada) where strangers are not such strangers in the past or in the future. The title is 'Behind the Sixth' for a reason. Everyone in this story is connected. It is based of the Degrees of Seperation. This was originally (and still is) a TV series idea I had. So instead of it being in seasons, it will be in Parts. The charaters below are in order of their importantance and are the main ones in PART ONE. Each part has different main people, different stories and different paths. This Part, focuses around Neveah Whytte and Damien Black.

Neveah Whytte (Sasha Barrese)-26 years old, District Attorney, single, has a addiction to prescription pills. Had a high school romance with Damien Black and it ended badly. She has a few skeletons in her closet as well as secrets under her bed.
She sleeps on her side, facing away from the window every night. She wakes up each morning and the first thing she thinks about is the past. She pops pills to be numb and she drinks to forget. But each day from nine to five she is the best damn D.A. Victoria has seen in years. That's the surreal reality she chooses to live in.

Damien Black (Jensen Ackles)-26 years old. Alcoholic. Runs fathers club, recently got kicked out of his sisters, Ava Black, home for doing drugs accidently infront of his newphew. Fights with father a lot. Thinks of Neveah as the one good thing that ever happened to him.
"You don't get to judge me, don't you dare. I took what you left me with and I dealt. Are you? Have you ever once looked back and thought about me? You knew my life was fucking trash and you still left; so, no I don't give a damn now. You think you are better then me don't you? Well you're not, you are the same broken underneath it all and a big career and a pretty face won't keep those demons abay."

Christian Masson (Kyle Gallner)-20 years old. Student. Works at a coffee shop and is best friends with Ava Black and also helps out Damien with shipments to the club. Has a crush on Ava. Brother of Hanna Masson.
"I could be that guy, the one that never leaves. I could be the guy that makes you your favorite coffee in the morning. Why won't you let me be that guy?"

Ava Black(Kristen Bell)-23 years old. Student. And the mother of Samuel, a four year old little boy. Works hard to fend her Samuel and is constantly studying or tutoring others. She also has visions. A vision will conflict her family and draw sides. Was abused when she was younger by her father.
"Wanna know what your nephew asked me this morning on the way to Day Care? If he could play doctor with his arm like Uncle DD. You were shooting up while he was watching Sponge-Bob, Damien?! What the hell? Get the fuck out and don't crawl back. I am pissed."

Claire Davies(Brunette!Katie Cassidy)-23 years old. Under cover agent in Victoria, has a thing for Damien but can't get with him since he's the guy her team is trying to catch red handed.
"You are trying to tell me, the queen of master plans of mass desructions, that this plan is not good enough? Do you want my food up your ass?"

Sara Davies(Blonde!Katie Cassidy)-23 years old. Claire's twin sister. Teacher at the local Elementary school in Victoria. Engaged to a man named Micah Broyce.
Her blonde hair is tangled in with the wind and festive music and her dress is hugging her hips in the right way. Her smile literally can light up the room but her eyes, they're haunted.

Samuel Black(Jackson Brundage)-4 1/2 years old. Ava's son. His father is MIA.
"When I grow up Momma, I wants to be 'ust like 'eww. With the baking apron and your smarts. Yups, I wanna be like 'ewws are right now, a momma."

"Honey, you're a boy, you will grow up to be a man and a father; not a mother."

"That doesn't seem fair. Isn't dis a free countree? If I want to be a momma, Imma be a momma, Momma."

Hanna Masson(Hilarie Burton)-28 years old. Music producer. Moves around a lot. Is really close to Christian and had a relationship with Neveah in college.
"What did you think was going to happen? She was going to listen and say, 'Oh my Christian, I love you so much. I finally see it now'. Honey, I love you but sometimes you are not that smart on the who what women want to hear."

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