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The Adventures of Becks and Katy (PART THREE)

Title: The Adventures of Becks and Katy
Author: hushushalibi
Characters: Katy, Becks, Chuck, Jared and Jensen
Summary: This is just entirely random. Like REALLY RANDOM. Random as if celebrities, TV show characters and Becks and I all lived in the same universe kind of random.
Chapters/Parts: 1 | 2 | 3

Jensen growled and dug his head into Katy’s chest more. “Shut the fuck up evil blonde pixy person.” He mumbled.

Katy laughed, cringing at the sudden movement of her head as she laughed. She grinned when she looked down at him, in her arms. Last night was awesome, that of which she remembered. “Come on hunk of big burning love, let’s get out there.” She patted his shoulder and pushed him off her—a very hard and brutal task by the way. The man was a friggin’ octopus.

“You my lady best put some clothes on.” Jensen smirked when she got out of the bed and walked around the bed. When she walked past him he smacked her ass and then rolled away before she could hit him.


“Why am I in the closet?” Jared asked aloud.

Chuck and Becks looked up from the big, jethro bowl of Captian Crunch cereal they were sweetly sharing and smiled, ignoring him.

“Guys? Girls?” There was a pause. “Grimlins? Oh god, it better not be Grimlins… I hate those fuckers. Guys? Jensen! JENSEN!” He yelled.

Becks snorted as she laughed. Chuck elbowed her to shut up which of course meant ‘ELBOWING WAR ENIATATION’ in her mind so she side bumped him back, consequently sending him flying off his chair and onto the floor.

“Why am I shirtless?” Jared asked. “I didn’t go to a gay bar again did I? Why isn’t anyone answering me? Hello! HELLO! JENSEN!” He yelled.

Katy came out of her room wearing some boy shorts and an old shirt that used to belong to her dad. Her hair was up in some crazy bun with a headband to match. Oh, and she was wearing her Sponge Bob slippers. Don’t hate!

She laughed at Jared who had all of her winter coats on his head and there was something on his bare chest… writing in what seemed to be purple nail polish. “What the hell…” She mumbled and walked over and kneeled down. “For a good time call 555-555-5555, or just kidnap me and drug me. I like to be drugged.” She read out loud.

Jared jolted up and shoved the coats off his head. “Who the hell are you? Where am I? Where’s Jensen?”

Becks stood and walked over to Katy, handing her a bowl of cereal too, and kicking Jared’s calf. “You’re sleeping Jared Padlebacky, you’re just dreaming, go back to bed.” Becks smiled and patted his thigh.

Jared looked up at her funny but nodded before hugging a black coat and nuzzling his nose against it.

Jensen walked in and rolled his eyes at his friend. Then he kissed Katy on the neck before walking into the kitchen too. “Chuckles isn’t it?” He pointed at Chuck before getting a bottle of water and some Aspirin. How he knew where either was located in the kitchen… he had no clue.

Chuck just nodded, too hung over to care that some random dude he never really knew before last night called him Chuckles. He only liked Becks calling him that. Where was she? He thought and looked around and saw her and her friend Katy dancing in the living room.

Oh how his life has changed since he met her. He wasn’t going to lie either, he liked it. He liked her. A lot.


“Leaving Jared alone in your closet was a good idea how exactly?” Jensen demanded from the back seat with Chuck. Becks screamed, and when I say screamed, I mean screamed, that she called shot gun before they even exited the elevator.

“He was totally out of it.” Becks waved it off. “Plus, this is a lot more fun! It’s like double dating but better.” She turned to Katy who was driving and they said in unision. “DOUBLE ROAD TRIPPING!”

Chuck laughed and turned to Jensen. “Chill dude, he’ll be fine. We left a note.”

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