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The Adventures of Becks and Katy

Title: The Adventures of Becks and Katy
Author: hushushalibi
Characters: Katy, Becks, Chuck, FakeFraudChuck, Jared and Jensen
Summary: This is just entirely random. Like REALLY RANDOM. Random as if celebrities, TV show characters and Becks and I all lived in the same universe kind of random.


“His name is Chuck, Katy, Chuck. We must go back.” Becks tugged on Katy’s purse as they were roaming through Best Buy, trying to hunt down a copy of Season One of ‘Chuck’.

“Becks, just because his name is Chuck does not mean he knows anything about the job he has or that he will allow you to call him Chuckles.” Katy explained slowly while inwardly on the edge of turning into an angry person if this Best Buy did not have ‘Chuck’ in stock.

“But, he really looked like the Chuck.” She pouted.

Katy sighed as she did not see the box set; hell was going to be raised and shit was going to hit the fan… or the ceiling. Whatever. As she glared looked up she saw her two most current boy crushes from the hit show ‘Supernatural’, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. They were arguing on which XBOX 360 game to buy. “Holy shit Becks, look J-squared… in the flesh. Or well clothed flesh; whatever. I call Jensen since I saw him first—well technically I saw both of them first but I will hand you Jared since well since I love you a lot.” She laughed at herself and when she didn’t hear her best friend join in with her she frowned and turned around. Becks had left apparently to go flirt with Mr. Fake-Fraud-Chuck.

Katy sighed again and turned back around only to find Jensen and Jared up close and personal with death glares right at her. Her mouth just hung open in shock.

“Are you following us?” Jared asked with the most insanely serious face Katy had ever seen. If she wasn’t so friggin’ star struck she’d laugh at it.

“Oh my God, I love you guys.” She blurted out and then smacked her hand to her mouth with huge eyes bugging out at them.

Jensen smiled and elbowed Jared. “See. Stalker.” He smiled at Katy and winked which semi confused her.

“I am not a stalker.” She tried to reason and come to her own defense.

“Then why are you wearing that shirt?” Jared asked, still extremely and annoyingly serious like this was some harassment case.

“What shirt?—“ She asked then looked down. Of course she’d wear the shirt her and Becks made with random J2 quotes and ironed-on pictures of them. Of course. “Oh.”

“Yeah. Oh.” Jared snapped.

“Jesus Jared, chill.” He glared at Jared then looked to Katy and gave her that smile again. Seriously, this was definitely some form of heaven. Maybe like a preview of what heaven would be like. “Personally I think it’s flattering.”

Katy smiled back, even blushed a bit before she snapped out of it and straightened her face. “That’s nice but I am not a stalker. This shirt my friend Becks and I made a few months ago when we had a ‘Supernatural’ marathon at her house. See, she’s over there.” She turned and pointed to her friend but stopped halfway when she saw the real Chuck walking over to them. “Oh shit! Awesome!” She whipped around to the guys and smiled. “Be right back.” Then she ran off.

“Becks! LOOK!” Katy whispered but it was loud so a lot of people heard her.

Becks turned to look and flipped. “CHUCKLES!” *cough* “I mean, Chuck?” They both ignored the FakeChuck’s answer.

“Uh hi, yeah? Do I… know you?” He asked in the most perfect confused smile.

“Well I am Rebecca and that is all you need to know.” Becks stepped in front of Katy and smiled big.

Katy cleared her throat and laughed at her. “I am Katy if that matters.”

“It doesn’t.” Becks said, jokingly… maybe.

“Katy huh? Does Katy have a last name possibly?” Jared asked from behind Katy.

“OH MY GOD GET OFF IT JARED I AM NOT STALKING YOU.” Katy yelled. The entire store stopped what they were doing and looked to the center of Best Buy. “Um, yeah, practicing… for a movie. Yeah.” Katy coughed and nudged Becks.

“TOTALLY!” Becks pushed a fake smile then returned to gazing at Chuck.

Then there was awkward silence while Chuck was rummaging through the CDs and Katy was texting someone and Becks… well Becks was helping Chuck find the best of the best CDs. Jared and Jensen were following Katy. So yeah they totally did not bring attention to the five of them.

“You know, Jared, I would have mistaken you for the stalker.” Katy sang as she clicked send and turned around.

“He has a crush on you.” Jensen announced.

Jared glared at him and then turned to Katy with a smile—the first smile she had seen on him since they had met in the store. “So not true.”

“So I can’t be crushed on? That kinda hurts a girl.”

“Not what I meant. I meant I have a girlfriend and I am happy.” Jared corrected.

Katy paused and pursed her lips. “Then why couldn’t you have said that instead?”

Jensen laughed out loud and clamped Katy shoulder then pulled her to him. “I freaking love you girl, come on.” And then they started walking with Chuck and Becks, leaving Jared cursing at himself and dialing Gen’s number.

“So you know a lot about computers right?” Becks asked Chuck who by now was looking not as uncomfortable. He almost looked chillaxed like pretty girls hitting on him was normal for him. “I wish I knew more about the internal part of the system. Hey! Maybe you could teach me?”

Chuck smiled at her and continued searching for the CD he wanted, it was nice to have someone babble instead of him. “Um yeah sure I could teach you how to. It’s pretty simple once you know what’s what.”

“Neat.” She said and nodded, walking in step with him. She twirled her hair then her face lit up. “Oh my God, do you read comics? You so do, don’t you?” She lightly teased him with a hip bumped.

“Yeah it’s a semi guilty pleasure of mine.” He nodded and swallowed. She was really pretty. It had to be some sort of ‘Win-A-Geek’ game show with hidden cameras.

“Awesome!” She clapped.

“So they want to see our movie collection but I just think they want in my pants.” Katy snuck up behind Chuck and Becks, putting an arm around both of their shoulders.

“Um, Okay, how about a movie marathon? Chuck you in?” She smiled at him adoringly.

“I am definitely in. I love movies. And marathons. And… yeah let’s just go.”

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