♪the wrong girl. (hushushalibi) wrote in 2standintherain,
♪the wrong girl.


Just something I started on the road to Dallas during break. Becks (vapored) gave me the prompt: You're gonna need someone on your side.

The streets were overwhelmed with the stench of murderous defeat. Innocent bodies run road hard by demons lay lifeless in the gutters of a town too dead to know what things went bump in the night; what things lived in the shadows with black and red eyes. Two brothers, an angel and a black-eyed woman with blonde hair stand still and motionless in the midst of the tragic destruction; words to scared to be voiced at this point.
Tags: author: broodyletons, supernatural
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loves it<33333333333
oisdjfoisjdfij wow lj fails im JUST NOW SEEEING THIS
thanks bbface ily