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The Adventures of Becks and Katy (PART TWO)

Title: The Adventures of Becks and Katy
Author: hushushalibi
Characters: Katy, Becks, Chuck, FakeFraudChuck, Jared and Jensen
Summary: This is just entirely random. Like REALLY RANDOM. Random as if celebrities, TV show characters and Becks and I all lived in the same universe kind of random.
Author’s Note: So yeah, this is really short and not really made of win at all. But figured I’d post anyway. Becks, hope you like it at least. ♥ I am working on Part Three though so yays. LOVE YOU GIRLIE.
Chapters/Parts: 1 | 2

“I am pretty sure that means drink up Chuckles.” Katy burped silently and tapped shot glasses with him and smiled.

“Right Round” by Flo Rida was echoing from Katy’s room from her iPod as they drank vodka shots in the living room with candles everywhere. Some were lit others were just there for the view and smell. Why were candles burning? Who knew. They all stopped caring hours ago.

“Oh, aw okay.” Chuck smiled drunkenly and dropped the clear liquid into his mouth and quenched his face up before shooting his arms in the air. “Becks your turn.”

“Okay!” Becks smiled and poured more vodka in the five random mismatched shot glasses, being sloppy as hell too. “I never have been smacked on the ass by a co-worker or friend.” She giggled at Jensen.

“You bitch!” Jensen growled but his voice had a hint of playful joking in it so Becks didn’t take offense to it, not that she’d remember it.

Katy leaned over to his ear. “Drink up baby.” Boy was she drunk too.

Jensen looked at her in the eyes, seeing the lust in hers he dipped his head back and took all the shot in one gulp, never breaking eye contact with Katy.

“This is not fun anymore. You and Katy are all googly eyed and now I can practically smell the sex oozing off of them.” Jared slurred and pointed at Becks and Chuck. “I’m out.” He dropped his beer can and did his best to walk to the door but ended up in a closet. Alone.

Katy smirked and cocked an eyebrow at a now zonked out Jared in her coat closet that, by the way, was snoring now then turned to Jensen. “Does he do that often? You know fall into coat closets to sleep or is this new?”

“It’s a come and go kind of thing. I think he and his girl are having separation issues? Or something.” Jensen smiled, way too drunk to give a rats ass about his friend. All he did care about at the moment was getting Katy’s clothes off.

On the other side of the living room Chuck pulled away from Becks to take a breather. They had been successfully making out for about ten minutes straight with little time to breathe. “Your lips… soft.” He mumbled, his eyes glazed over.

“I smell like sex!” She laughed and pulled him to her lips again and began kissing him grievously.

Jensen decided it was time to move him and Katy somewhere else more private so he stood and pulled her up. “I want to see your room…” He slurred and took her hands into his and let her take them to where the music was blasting.

“And then there were three.” Becks giggled. “I mean two if we don’t count Jared in the closet.” She paused and then laughed really loud. “Oh my God, Jared in the closet! How funny!” She smiled.

“You’re so funny.” Chuck smiled and tightened his grip of her.


The next morning was hell; and that was sooooo putting it lightly. Becks woke up from a very odd position on her bed where her legs were propped up against the wall at the head of her bed and her upper body was on something, like a body. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and moaned as she forced herself to look under her. All she could see was an old bear one of her ex-boyfriends won her years ago. “What the hell? I thought Chuck was over… and weren’t there other people? Jared and… Jensen…” Becks said to herself as she felt her hair, which was messed up… bed hair or sex hair? She wasn’t sure she wanted to know. All she knew now was there was a teddy bear in her bed and not Chuck Bartowski.


Becks froze and felt something move under her and the teddy. She clenched her eyes shut and sat up, praying everything she remembered wasn’t a dream.

“Becca?” Chuck groaned and flung the teddy off his face and sat up.

Becks squealed and flipped over on her knees and hugged Chuck. “Hell, yes, so was not a dream!” She blurted out then noticed one of the buttons on the bear had been pressed so hard against his face that it left the text indention of ‘SNUGGLE ME NOW’. “Ohmigod,” She giggled and kissed him quick before standing up. Thankfully she was wearing a shirt… which was not hers… whose was it then?

“You went and stole Jared’s shirt last night when I wouldn’t give mine up which now I am regretting waking up and not seeing you in my shirt.”

Becks giggled again and pulled him with her into the kitchen and living room where there was indeed a shirtless Jared halfhazardly sprawled uncomfortably in the coat closet. “BREAKFAST!” Becks yelled on purpose knowing everyone was hung over like her. A few curse words could be heard from Katy’s room and items falling on top of Jared when he jolted awake.
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