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Blind Faith

Author: notednoted
Title: Blind Faith
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Alicia, and Katy.
Summary: What happens when the boys run into the two women that have been beating them to hunts for a while. And what do these women mean to the boys? Is it simple coincidence or is something else bringing them together.
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word Count: 2,619

The girls were scaring the shit out of the boys. Not that they’d admit it out loud. They’d been driving behind them for a few hours now, Dean doing his best to keep up with Alicia’s nasty habit to speed. Well, that is to go faster than Dean ever thought of going. Not long after they’d hit the road the girls had obviously started talking and then Katy’s hands starting doing crazy gestures. To her credit, Alicia just kept on driving carefully until Katy started screaming and pointing accusingly.

“What the fuck is going on?” Dean wondered as the car ahead of them slowed down and pulled to the curb. There wasn’t another car for miles, they were in the middle of no where for the lords sake. Katy jumped out of the car with hands in the air. The boys started to jump out of the Impala when Alicia got out of the car and held her hand up to stop them.

“Girl fight?” Sam shrugged before leaning to the left for a better view. As stealthily as he could Dean rolled down his window to hear better.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. You are so on my shit list right now.” Katy mumbled while walking towards Alicia. Standing firm with her jacket pulled tight against her, Alicia just let Katy talk. “I mean, you let me sleep with him and get… get attached and shit. But you knew he had a deal.”

“I didn’t say anything because I have faith. We can fix it, I told Sam we’d help him get Dean out of the deal.”
“I swear to God Alicia, I am so mad right now that I can barely see straight.”

“You still love me.” All seriousness aside, Alicia was now pouting with a small smirk.

“Don’t push your luck.” Then Katy was walking away and getting back in the car. The boys watched as she put earbuds into her ears and stared out the passenger window. Alicia made her way towards the Impala with a smile.

“She likes to make scenes.” Leaning into the Impala she stared past Dean and at Sam.

“We figured, you know how to handle her well.” Dean inclined his head towards the now unmoving Katy. With a quick look towards Katy, Alicia smiled warmly back at Dean.

“She’s my best friend, I know what buttons to push. Let’s go. We’re burning daylight.”


They got to the town a few hours later, with Katy still brooding in the front seat when they arrived at the hotel. Sam and Alicia bought the rooms as Dean tried in vain to get Katy out of the car. Leaving the lobby Alicia laughed loudly at the sight of Katy trying to ignore Dean’s thumping on the window.

“Your keys.” Sam threw the room keys at Dean. Catching them he turned around and waved the keys at Katy. She was out of the car and following Dean towards the room in moments.

“They’re so made for each other.” The room was stale, as most hotel rooms were, but Sam could ignore it as long as she was in the room with him. Setting their bags on the beds they claimed silently, Alicia started to push Sam towards the door.

“Let’s go check out the possessed dogs owners. You can drive, it’ll be nice to sit in the passenger seat for once.”

“Yes ma’am.” Sam let himself be man handled towards the car, the push and pull of her hands on him felt normal. Instinctual. Leaving their other halves to make the nasty, Sam started up the impala and grinned across the seat at Alicia.

“What?” She asked with a smile of her own.

“Nothing, it’s just nice not to be in the car with Dean. He controls the radio to the tenth degree.” Just as he spoke she reached forward and flipped on the radio. One of Dean’s classic rock stations came on, expecting her to change it was wrong of him since she just leaned back and grinned.

“He’s got good taste in music.”

“Are you serious? You like it?” Sam had always wanted to get an iPod jack for the Impala but Dean wouldn’t hear of it. He claimed that would be douching her up, sometimes Sam really hated Dean’s control over the car.

“I love it. Classic rock is so, well classic. You can’t hate on it. Listen, there’s so much there.” Turning to Sam in the seat she pressed against Sam’s on the steering wheel. Each time the bass thumped her fingers did too, she kept a beat pretty well he admitted. “No one can dispute the fact that classic rock has a base in the American culture. Feel that, Bad Company. That’s some good music right there.”

Sam listened to her sing along to the music when she pulled her hand away, he was grateful she had since he found it hard to concentrate on the road with her touching him so intimately. The first Ranch came up on their right, they pulled over slowly to get themselves ready. Alicia pulled her hair up into a ponytail and messed it up to give the appearance of having worked outside the day before reaching over and messing up Sam’s.

“Is anyone home?” Alicia asked with hesitation as the two of them headed towards the house. No cars in the yard or any semblance of someone being home made Sam move closer to Alicia, something didn’t seem right.

“Come on.” Hand on the small of her back the two of them climbed the steps and Sam rapped gently on the door. Seconds passed silently as the two of them stood still, nothing happened until Sam’s phone buzzed in his pocket making the both of them jump.

“That scared the shit out of me.” She said with a hand to her chest. Sam laughed a breathless laugh before answering the phone.

“What’s up?”

“Where the fuck are you?” Dean hollered into the phone.

“Alicia and I are checking out one of the dog owners. We figured you guys would be a while.” As Sam was talking Alicia was wondering around the front porch. After peering into a window she stepped back and walked towards the back. “You guys should go to the local cops and get some information on what happened. Plus see if they did an autopsy on the dogs.”

“Yeah, okay boss.” Sarcasm filled his voice but he didn’t hang up. “You two be careful.”

“We will.” Hanging up he jogged down from the porch and rounded the corner the way Alicia went. He found her standing by a fence leading to a pasture with cows grazing. With one hand on her temple she was leaning on the fence with her eyes closed.


“Yeah?” Her voice was small but Sam could hear it. Moving to stand beside her, he mimicked her stance by leaning on the fence. A brisk breeze passed over them carrying the smell of manure towards them. Alicia’s lips curled in disgust as she kept her eyes closed. Placing his hand on her shoulder he squeezed gently. “I’m fine. There’s no one here but check out those cows. Something’s off with them.”

She was right. There was something strange about the cows, they were standing in the pasture staring straight at them. At least seven to eight cows just standing there still as statues, staring. It was creepy as hell.

“Okay, that’s creepy.” The cows just kept on staring until Sam moved and broke their concentration.

“Something’s possessing or controlling the animals. We need to get to the local college.” Alicia opened her eyes and grabbed Sam’s hand to pull him towards the car. “There’s got to be some local lore on animal possession.” Anchoring his feet in the ground he pulled Alicia to a stand still a few feet in front of the impala.

“Did you have a vision?” As the words fell from his mouth he regretted them. Alicia’s face bunched up as if she was in pain before it vanished and her face was carefully blank again.

“No, let’s just go okay?”

“Alright.” Then they were in the car and Sam was doing his best to navigate towards the community college. Even as Alicia sat stone still in the car beside him.


“Did you guys find out anything about the dogs?” Sam asked Dean as Alicia wandered alone onto the small college campus. For some reason she’d wanted to go alone, he couldn’t force himself to go with her. Not after what happened out at the farm.

“Nothing’s physically wrong with them. All four of them were shot by their owners when they started attacking though. You guys find anything useful?”

“Yeah, out at one of the farms we noticed the cows behaving strangely. We’re at the community college now trying to get a handle on any local lore.” Sam could hear Dean repeating what he said to Katy and then he heard a rustle.

“You let her go off alone, didn’t you?” Katy questioned softly with a slight tone of accusation.

“Uh, yeah.”

“We’re a few minutes away.” Then the line went dead. Sam was beyond confused, it was like these girls knew each other too well. Maybe Katy could pick up on when Alicia had a vision or when her moods changed. Either way, they were strangely in sync with each other. As promised Katy and Dean drove up to park beside Sam moments later.

Katy took off in a slight jog toward the building that Alicia had entered. Air rushed out of Dean as he watched her behind as she jogged, Sam couldn’t help but laugh at him. His brother just turned and winked at him before leaning against the Impala with him.

“We were out at the farm and I think Alicia had a vision. Those cows were staring at us and freaking me out but… I don’t know. She acted strange.”

“Maybe it’s that time of the month.”

“Dean.” Sam turned his head towards his brother. “Are you serious?”


“I think it’s more likely that she had a vision.”

“Or she had a vision and it’s that time of the month.” That crooked little grin flitted across Dean’s lips, making Sam forget for just a minute about their limited time. Sam shoved his knee into Dean’s thigh making his brother let out a squeal.

“Stop being an ass.” Just then the girls came running out of the college. More like Alicia came running out and Katy following very closely behind.

“Alicia? Come on.” Katy pleaded with Alicia as she jumped into the passenger seat of the impala. Sam and Dean just looked at each other in confusion for a few moments before pushing away from the car. “She just needs some time in the car with the radio blasting. You okay to drive with her Sam?”

“Sure.” Sam said with a smile as he watched Katy turn slowly towards Dean.

“Let’s go check out the other three dog owners farms, see if there’s any odd animal behavior there too. Then we’ll meet up with the two of them.” While she spoke she placed her hand against Dean’s back and moved her body in toward his. Completely unlike his brother, Dean wrapped his arm around her shoulder and grinned broadly.

“Sounds like a plan.” Dean winked so that only Sam could see before turning towards the girls mustang and jumping in. Then Katy did the exact same thing, she freaking winked at Sam. Shaking his head at the two of them he slowly climbed into the Impala beside Alicia.

“So I was thinking …” Before he could finish his sentence she reached over and turned on the radio. Turning it all the way up so that Sam could barely hear himself think. She rolled down the window and leaned her head against the car door so that as he drove her hair blew in the wind. He made sure to take the longest route possible back to the hotel, so that a twenty minute drive actually took him an hour. She didn’t even say thank you.


Sam hadn’t heard Alicia speak since they had been out at the farm. Which was at least six hours ago. They now sat alone and in the uncomfortable silence of their hotel room. The only thing that had broken the silence was Alicia’s cell phone ringing, even then she didn’t pick it up instead forcing Sam to. That had been at least two hours ago, Katy checking to see if Alicia was alright and to let them know that all of the other farms had the same strange animal behavior.

Now he sat still and quiet on the couch with a book in his lap researching local lore. Alicia hadn’t helped him at all. She just lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. Without warning she rolled over and reached into her bad that lay beside her. A worn bible rested in her hands for a few moments before she flipped open to a random page.

“because our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction. You know how we lived among you for your sake.”
She read aloud before closing the bible gently. Rising from the bed she walked slowly towards the couch that Sam was sitting on. She sat down beside him so that their legs were touching before leaning over to see what he was reading. “Find anything?”

“Uh, not yet.” He was so confused by what just happened that he let her take the book from his hands. Not even an ounce of strength to stop her from doing so filled his body. Just then he looked down at the book in her hands and saw something he hadn’t seen before. “Wait, let me see that.”

With a frown she handed the book back to him for inspection. That was when he saw the passage about curses on animals from birth. They’d totally overlooked the fact that each of the dogs were the same breed and around the same age. They were freaking all related. These dogs had a curse placed on them from birth to attack their owners, someone was giving these dogs to those people so they would get attack.


“So, you’re sitting there and she rattles off a bible verse which then makes you see the part in the book about animal curses.” Dean questions with a startled but amused look on his face. They’re all sitting in a diner so that they can discuss their plan of action, which isn’t really being discussed because Dean and Katy are more interested in how Sam had the epiphany and found the information.

“Is it that big of a deal? No. We know what’s wrong and can fix it.” Sam said with a shrug.

“I am not killing innocent dogs.” Katy protested while taking a bite of Dean’s burger. “That’s really good.” She commented as Dean stole the burger back and took a bite.

“I know, that’s why I ordered it.”

“Can we get back to business. There were three other German shepherds born in that litter. We need to find them and kill them before they attack their owners. Because I’m sure at least one of these dogs are going to accomplish their mission.”

Dean threw down his burger and pulled out his wallet to pay for their dinner. This time they decided just to all go in one car, and Dean pretty much one that fight hands down. The Impala was bigger than the mustang after all.
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